Friday, March 6, 2009

Frikkin Dippin

If there's one thing i love about pringles, it's their dipping sauce. Without their dipping sauce, I consider pringles to be a waste of good potatoes or whatever it is that they make pringles with. But this post isn't about pringles, it's about Pizza Hut's new dippin strip's pizzas and boy do they suck!

To begin with, the pizzas look nothing like pizzas. They look more like flattened bread that somebody spilled gravy on. Secondly the dipping sauces are a scam! There are three cups with each pizza which are not even quarter filled, but that isn't even the worst part. The worst part is that the dipping sauces aren't dipping sauces at all. One is your regular barbecue sauce, the second is your thousand island salad dressing (correct me if I'm wrong) and last but not least we have a tar tar sauce. It just adds up to be a horrible experience. Glad I had ordered the potato skins that day else i would probably have starved to death.

On a side note this is probably my first post without a picture, the reason being that i dropped my cell phone into an open naali. If anybody asks me what i was doing in a naali i swear i will make them eat this Pizza : P~

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Tazeen said...

you sure love your food