Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally Something to Blog About

I don't have many readers but it still felt good when some asked that why I hadn't been blogging for so long. The reason was simple... I was angry. Angry at the frikkin' government for failing at everything that they did... The other more mundane reason was that i hadn't had good cookies for a very long time.

But all that changed the other day when we ran into the cafe Lazeez Patisserie (a fancy name for a bakery). In fact I should probably sue them for even using the word. Everything seemed pretty ordinary except for the cookies (though that was probably because they had the lid on backwards). I got a pack which i later realized was kinda expensive but it was totally worth it. Every bite had to be savoured. Thank God they werent biscuits coz i've just about had it with those lame brained bakers passing of biscuits as cookies.

And oh yes, I'm still angry.... I need more cookies!