Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Economic Crunch

The last time I posted, I still had a job but then our organization (though it was hardly organized) closed down and for the first time in my 2 and a half year long career, I was jobless. Just before that i had payed my tuition fee for the MS course I was about to start, so I really was economically woed. I still am and going out to eat as regularly as i did seems like a distant dream. This in turn has worked out for the better coz I've actually lost weight and eating veggies at home makes me feel awesome (not the Barney Stinson awesome but still awesome).

I've gone from eating this

to this...(makai ki roti and sarson ka saag : d~) and it's the most delicious thing ever! All my eating out habits had made me forget the delicacies Ammi prepared at home.

I'm not gonna write a review of "Tandoori" located in G-8 Markaz with its cozy environment and splendid food (and quite economical too), instead I'm gonna recommend my Ammi's sarson ka saag which is mind blowingly awesome!

This economical crunch has also led me to enjoy the smaller things in life like...

All this just strengthens my belief that what ever happens, happens for the best. Oh and i start my new job on Monday with my MS in the evening. Hope it all works out : D

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Xerxy said...

Makai roti and saag? That's always awesome (unless you are loony enough to go to Sogo and order anything there).

Tough times will always come. You just need to be ready for them (remember the maze and the cheese). Or as our glorious leader recently said, "every tragedy is an opportunity". ;)

Wish you the best with your new job and MS.