Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going to the Movies for Waffles

By this time around if you've been reading my previous posts (somebody? anybody?), you'll know that I'm a huge(not in the literal sense) fan of good food. Everything I do is somehow related to food and Cinepax(the only decent cinema in the twin cities) is no exception. What I look forward to while going out for a movie is not the movie itself but the waffles. Delicious, soft and fluffy, warm waffles with chocolate ice cream (God! i gotta go watch a movie again to stop all this drooling).

The reason why I haven't posted about this earlier is coz it's generally hard for me to take a pic of my waffle at cinepax coz well... I can't wait to dig in, but this time around I had a plan. I washed down a hot dog with peach tea to keep me satisfied till I could take a clear shot of the waffle and here it is.

Not clear you might say... Aww c'mon I wanted my waffle!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've Gone Mobile!

Sweet aint it? Thanks to the power outages I discovered blogging from my cell phone. Intend to put this revelation to good use now. Anybody know where I can get fugu fish in the twin cities?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gloria's Jeans?

Every week I go to this market place tucked away in one corner of Islamabad to pick up milk(yes you read it milk!) frequented by quite a few foreigners with their flashy red number plates. It's here that I first noticed this chic looking coffee place called "Gloria Jeans". It looked like something right out of my fantasy world where coffee shops are perfect and instead of air you breathe a mix of coffee aroma and nitrogen and I'm the king of Japan.


I had been meaning to visit it but this economy has really taken its toll on me, coupled with my other cell phone (the last of it's kind) on the brink of going extinct, I really saw no way of going there until next month. However fate had a more sinister plan in store for me. Yesterday when I was going to pick up my weekly supply of milk, a colleague of mine from office came along. We picked up milk and then somehow we ended up at Gloria Jeans. It looked just like what I had fantasized about but little did I know that I would be cursing myself 12 minutes later. I ordered the Chocolate something something and my friend ordered something called Coco Loco (isn't that a restaurant in Karachi?). The guy at the counter smooth talked us into buying the medium sized glasses. We sat down for a while where my heart was thumping like anything all excited and all. Eventually our order came in and I liked the way they did things. They placed our glasses in a corner and asked us to pick it up ourselves. There were a few toppings to chose from but nothing flashy.

We put in straws, covered the glasses with tops intended for the small cups then took em off and covered them with the bigger tops and I'm sure it was here when our orders got mixed up and I ended up partially drinking something that tasted like a a very weak milo ewyukh! My friend's drink was nothing special either, It was like a mildly stronger version of what i was drinking. Overall the experience was so horrible that my thirst and hunger died at the same time! I would never recommend it to anybody! I bet even Gloria died in her jeans when she went there thus the name "Gloria Jeans".

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Scream!

I scream! Not because I am being tormented by the immense work load that I have and my crumbling social life BUT because of this relatively new ice cream parlour called MarbleStones that opened its doors a few months ago in Jinnah Super. I had heard some not-so-good comments about it but still thought I would give it a whirl myself and boy am I glad that I did!


These guys have a weird way of ice creaming (I screaming... get it?... ah forget it). It reminds you of takatak (or as some people call it katakat) Their menu is incomprehensible so don't bother reading it, unless of course you have thorough knowledge of gibberish. I did a little mix and matching of my own and came up with the chocolate, peanut butter, reeses combination and it was mind blowingly amazing! The chocolate could have been a little bitter but still it got me addicted to ice cream(something that i loathed as youngin). The next time I went there I added a browine to the concussion and voila its the best ice cream dessert you will ever get to eat.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Frikkin Dippin

If there's one thing i love about pringles, it's their dipping sauce. Without their dipping sauce, I consider pringles to be a waste of good potatoes or whatever it is that they make pringles with. But this post isn't about pringles, it's about Pizza Hut's new dippin strip's pizzas and boy do they suck!

To begin with, the pizzas look nothing like pizzas. They look more like flattened bread that somebody spilled gravy on. Secondly the dipping sauces are a scam! There are three cups with each pizza which are not even quarter filled, but that isn't even the worst part. The worst part is that the dipping sauces aren't dipping sauces at all. One is your regular barbecue sauce, the second is your thousand island salad dressing (correct me if I'm wrong) and last but not least we have a tar tar sauce. It just adds up to be a horrible experience. Glad I had ordered the potato skins that day else i would probably have starved to death.

On a side note this is probably my first post without a picture, the reason being that i dropped my cell phone into an open naali. If anybody asks me what i was doing in a naali i swear i will make them eat this Pizza : P~

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Economic Crunch

The last time I posted, I still had a job but then our organization (though it was hardly organized) closed down and for the first time in my 2 and a half year long career, I was jobless. Just before that i had payed my tuition fee for the MS course I was about to start, so I really was economically woed. I still am and going out to eat as regularly as i did seems like a distant dream. This in turn has worked out for the better coz I've actually lost weight and eating veggies at home makes me feel awesome (not the Barney Stinson awesome but still awesome).

I've gone from eating this

to this...(makai ki roti and sarson ka saag : d~) and it's the most delicious thing ever! All my eating out habits had made me forget the delicacies Ammi prepared at home.

I'm not gonna write a review of "Tandoori" located in G-8 Markaz with its cozy environment and splendid food (and quite economical too), instead I'm gonna recommend my Ammi's sarson ka saag which is mind blowingly awesome!

This economical crunch has also led me to enjoy the smaller things in life like...

All this just strengthens my belief that what ever happens, happens for the best. Oh and i start my new job on Monday with my MS in the evening. Hope it all works out : D