Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thyme or Something Like That

Note - I dug this out from my drafts... Started working on it but then just died and decided to post it as is in this reincarnation as a slightly older, hairier and brooding version of myself. For all I know, and it still being in existence, "Once upon a thyme" may be a really great place to dine... Hmm will try it out and update everybody soon.

"Once upon a thyme" will soon be known as "Once upon a time" (bet you didn't see that pun coming) if they don't get their act together soon... no wait scratch that.

My pockets aren't as deep as they used to be, partially because I've stopped wearing baggy jeans... urgh no no no!

Ever had one of those days when you decide to write a blog post after a hiatus of about a year or something that of course after snapping a really good picture of a sugar sachet

When Life Gives You Lemons...

You know what they say right? When life gives you lemons... make lasagna. Life gave me lemons alright, still is handing them out every day as if they grew on trees and shoving them down my throat! But that doesn't mean I can't have lasagna.

I don't make lasagna myself no, I gave up cooking and baking as a hobby ages ago. But my sis does and uff is she good at it! So when life gives you lemons, ask your sis to make you lasagna. It may not solve all your problems but those 20 minutes you spend devouring that cheesy goodness will work its way to your heart n brain and clog them up for some well deserved numbness. The only peace some people can experience anymore

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Story of Me (Part I of Unkown)

As i sit here in the RCCI (more commonly known as the chaaamber) I look back at the past year and how eventful it has been. This is hardly the time to be blogging as my business partner is wincing at my other business partner over some printing issues that I deliberately fail to comprehend. Yet there is something that draws me to blog yet again after a hiatus of God knows how many months.

I have been trying to make a comeback to the familiar cyber territory that i was oh so fond of yet I find it devoid of any emotion or that peculiar zing! Facebook is now just a waste of time and blogging is just a distant activity that I would love to pursue yet cant find time for...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Evolution of Pastries

It's weird that I'm blogging in the middle of my exams but today I couldnt take it anymore. True I haven't blogged in ages but more on that later (A lot of interesting things have happened, the least of which involves a rubber truth brush and mentos).

Just like the evolution of man (wonder if women evolved too, or were they always like this?) is a topic that raises eyebrows and is a matter of controversy, so is the evolution of pastries. Usually bigger is better but not when it comes pastries. I mean isn't that why we have cakes?

This phenomenon that I noticed about 6 months ago seems to be catching on very fast and I just cant take it any more! It takes the whole fun out of eating a pastry. The whole idea is to eat a pastry which is big enough to keep you craving for more and small enough to not ruin your appetite single handedly. Unfortunately pastries in this day and age are big enough to ruin your appetite and leave you craving for "never eating a pastry again". God please help us!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going to the Movies for Waffles

By this time around if you've been reading my previous posts (somebody? anybody?), you'll know that I'm a huge(not in the literal sense) fan of good food. Everything I do is somehow related to food and Cinepax(the only decent cinema in the twin cities) is no exception. What I look forward to while going out for a movie is not the movie itself but the waffles. Delicious, soft and fluffy, warm waffles with chocolate ice cream (God! i gotta go watch a movie again to stop all this drooling).

The reason why I haven't posted about this earlier is coz it's generally hard for me to take a pic of my waffle at cinepax coz well... I can't wait to dig in, but this time around I had a plan. I washed down a hot dog with peach tea to keep me satisfied till I could take a clear shot of the waffle and here it is.

Not clear you might say... Aww c'mon I wanted my waffle!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've Gone Mobile!

Sweet aint it? Thanks to the power outages I discovered blogging from my cell phone. Intend to put this revelation to good use now. Anybody know where I can get fugu fish in the twin cities?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gloria's Jeans?

Every week I go to this market place tucked away in one corner of Islamabad to pick up milk(yes you read it milk!) frequented by quite a few foreigners with their flashy red number plates. It's here that I first noticed this chic looking coffee place called "Gloria Jeans". It looked like something right out of my fantasy world where coffee shops are perfect and instead of air you breathe a mix of coffee aroma and nitrogen and I'm the king of Japan.


I had been meaning to visit it but this economy has really taken its toll on me, coupled with my other cell phone (the last of it's kind) on the brink of going extinct, I really saw no way of going there until next month. However fate had a more sinister plan in store for me. Yesterday when I was going to pick up my weekly supply of milk, a colleague of mine from office came along. We picked up milk and then somehow we ended up at Gloria Jeans. It looked just like what I had fantasized about but little did I know that I would be cursing myself 12 minutes later. I ordered the Chocolate something something and my friend ordered something called Coco Loco (isn't that a restaurant in Karachi?). The guy at the counter smooth talked us into buying the medium sized glasses. We sat down for a while where my heart was thumping like anything all excited and all. Eventually our order came in and I liked the way they did things. They placed our glasses in a corner and asked us to pick it up ourselves. There were a few toppings to chose from but nothing flashy.

We put in straws, covered the glasses with tops intended for the small cups then took em off and covered them with the bigger tops and I'm sure it was here when our orders got mixed up and I ended up partially drinking something that tasted like a a very weak milo ewyukh! My friend's drink was nothing special either, It was like a mildly stronger version of what i was drinking. Overall the experience was so horrible that my thirst and hunger died at the same time! I would never recommend it to anybody! I bet even Gloria died in her jeans when she went there thus the name "Gloria Jeans".