Thursday, June 26, 2008

The guy with no red shoes

I've always had a thing for abaya clad women and shoes. Weird choice eh but there's something about shoes that gets me all tingly inside and its almost impossible for me to resist.

Recently a friend of mine wanted to buy some soccer shoes so we headed to the puma store. I was overwhelmed with excitement looking at all the Ferrari merchandise and everything red. The prices were as expected through the roof but Ferrari! who could resist? Unfortunately i was flat broke and couldn't even afford the shoe laces. My friend however bought these awesome looking red shoes that i would kill him for. But until i can hatch a plan to do exactly that, i'm the guy with no red shoes. That's even worse then the guy with one red shoe

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Lizard Slayer...

Have i ever mentioned how i hate summers. I guess not coz this is only my second post on this blog. Anyhow I HATE SUMMERS! they are God's way of reminding us how french fries feel when they are being fried, and how we should respect the potatoes. Gawd I hate summers, the body odor, the crazy marching lawyers in mid June, the power outages, the un-chilled tea and most of all - the most scariest things on earth - lizards!

Lizards are perhaps one of the most loathsome things on this planet. The only thing they are good for is scaring away girls and ahem.. koff* koff*... guys like me. I cant stand the site of those vile beings let alone kill one of them with a jharoo in one hand and a mortein in the other. If somebody saw me like that, they may think that sultan rahi has been resurrected.

But Alas! this Wednesday i had to do it. I came home from office only to find my Mom and Dad in a heated argument. Nothing new there but then when i noticed that our whole kitchen had been renovated (read been stripped of all the patelis and plates and stuff) i got a lil curious. I entered the kitchen and behold there was the culprit. A lizard was stuck (yes stuck) between the window. It looked like a scene right out of a cartoon (dare i say cute?). Ammi like me is scared out of her wits by lizards (now you know where i get it from... its all in the genes). She was arguing with Pop to kill it but my Pop wasnt lifting a finger. So i had to butt dive in as a hero of sorts... "the lizard slayer". After all the lizard was stuck what harm could it do? I took out the mortein spray in a Clint Eastwood type of way and started spraying the lizard like crazy. We would've had to evacuate the building if i had kept on spraying any longer. But i did it... I killed my first lizard. And to prove that you can check out my kitchen window... It's still there... I didnt have the guts to get it out and throw it away : $

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Potato Patato?

Why did i name my blog that? Well because

1. Shoebox was already taken (Duh!...)
2. It rhymes with "tomato tamato"
3. Im a couch potato (does that count?)

but most importantly because the day i created this blog is also the day i fond out that it's the international year of the potato!

Well maybe this wasnt the right pic to get my point through but what the heck... I'm blogging!