Monday, December 29, 2008

The V-necks Won

It's been a while since I've blogged. Not that I haven't been eating out a lot(on the contrary I've been eating out like crazy and my current bank account stands at 58Rs) but because I've been channeling my efforts to a better cause, to find a good turtle neck sweater.

I have some self created taboos that I don't like breaking (a post on that later). One of them is wearing V-neck sweaters. Why? Coz then you have to wear a good shirt to match. With turtle necks you can just wear the sweater with a t shirt underneath and nobody notices. But besides this point, there's something about V-necks that just irks me. I don't know what it is but I just can't imagine myself wearing em.

Isn't that ironic coz here I am wearing one. And it doesn't look that bad now does it? I had to buy it coz it is the only V-neck sweater that has ever caught my eye. The shop keeper was quick to notice that and insisted that i try it on. And behold i ended up spending the last of the green notes in my wallet. Sigh no more lunches for me till I get payed again.

P.S I've been eating out at cafe lazeez over the last couple of weeks. Soon enough this phase of my life will be over and I will move on to a new restaurant. You still gotta try it though. Their thaali, tandoori fish and hazelnut cappuccinos are to die for


Shehzad said...

nice Sweater...:)

Tazeen said...

there you go talking about food again

Xerxy said...

Food and V-necks don't go well in the same post.

sajjad said...

I have got to stop trusting your flawed judgement. Though the thali was very good, the fish ruined the whole experience. And it certainly wasn't worth the hefty bill.

Ersalan said...

Fish in Islamabad is always a risk... Phew it's been a while since i've posted