Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scrumptious Men : d~~

Disclaimer - The following suggestive post in no way reflects my orientation

I never thought I would be saying this but eating men is actually a very delicious experience. One bite and you are hooked! Now this may sound revolting to some people but I'm gonna continue rambling on about how much I love eating these small men to make this blog post eligible to be a blog post. Not everyone can make these little men, in fact there's only one place I know of that makes ginger bread men with actual ginger bread (or something that tastes like ginger bread). The other (so called) bakeries just sell biscuits with smiley faces drawn on them, which is not only revolting but a total rip off! I have been fooled by these ginger bread men look a likes almost all my life. Heck if you cant make ginger bread men then stop selling distasteful imitations!

Anyway the place that sells real ginger bread men is Kitchen Cuisine near the F7 Markaz in Islamabad. I only wish that they would hire a better smiley drawer and dress the men a little more nicely. And i cant wait for the ginger bread women versions to come out, I'm sure that will be a big success with the masses until the Taliban come along


Tazeen said...


you should so see fasi zaka's column in the friday times this week. According to norwegians, its actually cool to be a potato

Faisal.K said...

The news is the Taliban hate anything female.. right? so if they come into power.. ye bicharay designers ka kia ho ga?