Friday, July 4, 2008

Death by Habaneros

No Habaneros are not a new terrorist organization on the block. According to the Scoville scale they are one of the hottest type of chilis on this planet, and maybe the neighbouring planet considering that they dont have any farmers there. Recently me and my friend with the red shoes (I still havent hatched a plan to kill him yet) went to our usual lunch place to grab a bite or two.

After placing the order there are three things that a waiter usually does

1. Says thank you
2. Makes sure that the proper eating utensils have been provided
3. Brings all the sauces that can go with the food that you ordered

Our waiter did all these and as a gesture of appreciation (read omen of death) also placed a bottle of Tabasco Habanero Sauce on our table. Soon the food came and we both tried the new sauce a lil bit and voila! I was hooked. The darn sauce was so damn delicious that I just couldn't have enough. It read on the back that this sauce would make you teary eyed and it did, but these were not just tears of mouth sores but also tears of joy. I had a found a new favorite sauce. I gulped down drops after drops of the sauce with every bite and when I was finally done a smile of content appeared on my face(It was either that or an indication that I was about to pass out). It took me a few minutes to regain consciousness but i had survived. In fact i hadnt even passed out at all, just gone all blurry eyed and lost track of what my friend was saying.

Anyhow before heading back to office we decided to grab a bottle of this divine sauce from the near by store. The rest of the day at office was spent day dreaming about dinner... Later that night, when I got home, I showed off my prized possession to everybody but they didnt share my level of adrenaline rush. Eventually dinner was served and i again gulped down loads n loads of drops of this thing. My mom eventually had to stop me because she could smell its "spiciness" across the table.

Its around 1AM right now and my guts are on fire! And i dont mean normal fire, i mean fire from the deepest pits of hell. Is this the end of the line for me?


Sajjad said...

I guess you still haven't recovered. Try the Habaneros Doritos. That should finally take care of you.

The Habaneros sauce was awesome, but in my mind, can't beat the Wild Herb, Nando's sauce. My family still can't believe how I can consume anything so spicy.

As for the shoes, they're all yours. Just remember to return them once you've managed to scrape off all the filth. Then, we can duel to the death over them.

Faisal.K said...

awesome!! i am going to go buy this sauce for dinner today!! woohoo thanks!!

SAWJ said...

Holy crap!

You ate that much chilli sauce? One or two drops are enough to burn my tongue out!