Thursday, June 26, 2008

The guy with no red shoes

I've always had a thing for abaya clad women and shoes. Weird choice eh but there's something about shoes that gets me all tingly inside and its almost impossible for me to resist.

Recently a friend of mine wanted to buy some soccer shoes so we headed to the puma store. I was overwhelmed with excitement looking at all the Ferrari merchandise and everything red. The prices were as expected through the roof but Ferrari! who could resist? Unfortunately i was flat broke and couldn't even afford the shoe laces. My friend however bought these awesome looking red shoes that i would kill him for. But until i can hatch a plan to do exactly that, i'm the guy with no red shoes. That's even worse then the guy with one red shoe


Sajjad said...

So your kryptonite is abaya-clad women wearing red shoes? That solves my problem of luring you into a trap and making ... 1 meeleon ... no .. 100 beellion dollars.

What if I told you of a way where you could wear such red shoes? A way which would let you show them off to your colleagues and even have a chance to kick them a couple of times? Would you do it? Would you get off your lazy off-side and play some football?

Faisal.K said...

dem shoes look funky!!! as does the blog...if you do not mind i will add you to my blogroll now.