Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Evolution of Pastries

It's weird that I'm blogging in the middle of my exams but today I couldnt take it anymore. True I haven't blogged in ages but more on that later (A lot of interesting things have happened, the least of which involves a rubber truth brush and mentos).

Just like the evolution of man (wonder if women evolved too, or were they always like this?) is a topic that raises eyebrows and is a matter of controversy, so is the evolution of pastries. Usually bigger is better but not when it comes pastries. I mean isn't that why we have cakes?

This phenomenon that I noticed about 6 months ago seems to be catching on very fast and I just cant take it any more! It takes the whole fun out of eating a pastry. The whole idea is to eat a pastry which is big enough to keep you craving for more and small enough to not ruin your appetite single handedly. Unfortunately pastries in this day and age are big enough to ruin your appetite and leave you craving for "never eating a pastry again". God please help us!

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