Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going to the Movies for Waffles

By this time around if you've been reading my previous posts (somebody? anybody?), you'll know that I'm a huge(not in the literal sense) fan of good food. Everything I do is somehow related to food and Cinepax(the only decent cinema in the twin cities) is no exception. What I look forward to while going out for a movie is not the movie itself but the waffles. Delicious, soft and fluffy, warm waffles with chocolate ice cream (God! i gotta go watch a movie again to stop all this drooling).

The reason why I haven't posted about this earlier is coz it's generally hard for me to take a pic of my waffle at cinepax coz well... I can't wait to dig in, but this time around I had a plan. I washed down a hot dog with peach tea to keep me satisfied till I could take a clear shot of the waffle and here it is.

Not clear you might say... Aww c'mon I wanted my waffle!


Tazeen said...

i dont know how they serve it in Pindi but i used to be a sucker for hot waffles with chocolate sauce dripping which used to be served with vanilla ice cream ... oh how i miss London and its waffles now ...

Ersalan said...

That's pretty much how they serve it here as well. Come on over, my treat!