Monday, April 20, 2009

Gloria's Jeans?

Every week I go to this market place tucked away in one corner of Islamabad to pick up milk(yes you read it milk!) frequented by quite a few foreigners with their flashy red number plates. It's here that I first noticed this chic looking coffee place called "Gloria Jeans". It looked like something right out of my fantasy world where coffee shops are perfect and instead of air you breathe a mix of coffee aroma and nitrogen and I'm the king of Japan.


I had been meaning to visit it but this economy has really taken its toll on me, coupled with my other cell phone (the last of it's kind) on the brink of going extinct, I really saw no way of going there until next month. However fate had a more sinister plan in store for me. Yesterday when I was going to pick up my weekly supply of milk, a colleague of mine from office came along. We picked up milk and then somehow we ended up at Gloria Jeans. It looked just like what I had fantasized about but little did I know that I would be cursing myself 12 minutes later. I ordered the Chocolate something something and my friend ordered something called Coco Loco (isn't that a restaurant in Karachi?). The guy at the counter smooth talked us into buying the medium sized glasses. We sat down for a while where my heart was thumping like anything all excited and all. Eventually our order came in and I liked the way they did things. They placed our glasses in a corner and asked us to pick it up ourselves. There were a few toppings to chose from but nothing flashy.

We put in straws, covered the glasses with tops intended for the small cups then took em off and covered them with the bigger tops and I'm sure it was here when our orders got mixed up and I ended up partially drinking something that tasted like a a very weak milo ewyukh! My friend's drink was nothing special either, It was like a mildly stronger version of what i was drinking. Overall the experience was so horrible that my thirst and hunger died at the same time! I would never recommend it to anybody! I bet even Gloria died in her jeans when she went there thus the name "Gloria Jeans".


xerxy said...

Where is it? Kohsar market?

I thought it would be another thing you loved, but surprised to hear how bad it is.

Ersalan said...

Kohsar Market yeah... I'll take you there some day

Anonymous said...

Hi Ersalan
I thought we were real proud of Gloria Jean's for its gourmet coffee. Its quite unfortunate that you did not have a good first time experience. Gloria jean's coffees has had a very strong fan following in Lahore atleast.

Ersalan said...

Yeah Anonymous, have heard great things about it, will give it another shot and maybe write another post about it soon