Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Donut Season Again!

Winter is in the air and that means that the donut season has officially begun. Back when I was a kid 4 years ago, I used to hate winters coz I couldn't drag myself out of my warm and cozy bed every morning. I would also wind up a size or two bigger for my jeans by the time the season ended. Then there was the case of rogue ninjas attacking konoha village and my addiction to anime.


But around 2 years ago all that changed when i discovered Dunkin Donuts, their not so glorious but still good donuts and their excellent coffee. I suddenly had a purpose in life, to have donuts and coffee for breakfast which actually meant I would skip lunch hence maintain my figure : P and buy shippuden when it comes out. Dunkin had been providing good donuts for the last year and a half but then all of a sudden it closed all it's branches in Rawalpindi and their donuts started tasting like dough. Their coffee is still good, but coffee without donuts is like barney without a suit. I tried settling for something less, a cup of tea with 3 tea bags and cookies but even though that made me addicted to cookies, the tea just didn't cut. And then we found the Lazeez Patisserie (see previous post). I've already praised them for their cookies and planned to sue them for their name but now its time to praise them once again, for their donuts! Yes even though its a small little place and I was enlightened by Tazeen that cafe Lazeez is actually a franchise, their donuts kick ass! I still have to try them with Dunkin's coffee but I'm pretty sure that my winter will pass in peace and I will be a lot less angrier.

P.S - I have no idea why the images were flipped the way they were

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