Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bread and Beyond

Funny how the title reminds me of Buzz Light year's line "To infinity, and beyond!" from Toy Story, which I back then thought was "Owen Finity, and Beyond!". It didnt make any sense but it sounded really cool. Anyway this post is about a tiny little cafe called "Bread and Beyond" which sells stuff sold inside Metro's bakery section and coffee. For everybody who at this point is thinking that when did Metro open a bakery section, I'm not talking about the Metro shoe shop, I'm talking about the Metro cash and carry.

This cafe is intended for shoppers only coz its right at the entrance of the whole ware house type building. It has an assortment of sandwiches, patties, muffins and my favorite croissants. We ordered one of almost everything and the bakery type pizza and chocolate chip muffin stood out among the rest of the things. The cappucinos were pretty ok but all in all it was a good experience on a low budget (considering we had spent all our cash on the goodies inside the cash and carry)


Tazeen said...

ummmm have you noticed that all your recent posts are about food in general and bakery products in particular????

Ersalan said...

Ooops... I'l be diversifying into Italian foods as well now

Afaque said...

So the whole blog is about food and
I'm liking it... :)